Large Loop Bands - Pull Up Assist Bands

Large Loop Bands - Pull Up Assist Bands

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High quality large loop/pull-up assist bands that can be used to enhance your workout. More than one band allows you to increase the resistance of your training as your strength gradually increases, or allows you to combine multiple bands and get various levels of assistance.

What Color Is Right for Me?

  • Yellow for 5 - 15LBS resistance

  • Red for 15 - 35LBS resistance

  • Blue for 25 - 65LBS resistance

  • Purple for 45 - 100LBS resistance

What Can I Use This For?

Whether these bands are used for pull ups, chin ups, bicep curls, or overhead press, you can bring these with you to the gym, the office, or use them right in the comfort of your home for a super efficient workout. Perfect for all training levels!

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